Motorola motolux phone -review

By Toby 18 April 2012
Motorola Motoluxe reviewSo, what is the motorola motolux? To be honest, all it is, is just another android based, general sized, touch screen smartphone with a camera.  There's nothing new whatsoever.
To be fair, the camera is pretty good for a mid range smartphone.  It's 8 pixels, meaning it may be out to compete with the top range phones.

But, before the comparisons start, there is one thing to discuss with the motolux.  Motorola claims that this is a great looking phone which is extremely fashionable. Am I missing something here, because to me- it just looks like another rectangular smartphone with a big touch screen and a few buttons at the bottom.  The back may look slightly classy, but there are many phones in which we see this.  If Motorola is going for a fashionable market, then maybe they should focus more on a fashionable device.

Motorola Motoluxe review
What's good about his phone?  There are two camera's, front and back.  The back camera is an impressive 8MP which we have mentioned before, however we haven't mentioned the LED, bright shining flash which is positioned to the right of it.  What else is good? Oh yes, the feel of it.  It's got a nice weight, making it feel sturdy in your hand meaning there's no need to worry that it may be about to slip out, a feeling you get with some phones.

The phone is nearly a centimetre thick, measuring 9.85mm.  This is definitely not one of its best features.  It runs the old 2.3 gingerbread android software- whereas many new phones have graded to the 4.0 ice cream sandwich.  The graphics are ok for a midrange smartphone, however it only has a single core 800MHz processor.  There have also been reports that the screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight.

Overall the phone is just another midrange touch screen smartphone with a decent enough camera.  3/5 from me as I think I've seek nearly exactly the same thing before. From Samsung, and Nokia, and many other phone makers trying to take a price of the smartphone market world.

Photos coming soon.

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